Why Cullmanjobs.com? To Connect Real People To Real Jobs

Like the world really needs another job board….that’s what we’re all thinking, right? Why would someone start yet another job board when there are so many online.

Have you ever searched through indeed.com jobs? How many of those jobs are either scams or a waste of time? How many actual real jobs in Cullman County do you see among the millions of search results? How many of the users on there are bots and not actual job searchers?

There are plenty of reasons why Cullman County needs its very own job board. The main reason being is that we have an incentive to do good and provide great jobs to Cullman County. We live here and we work here; we do business here. In an effort to get our community to stop relying on a biased BIG TECH and the politics of Social Media giants that control the narrative, we are here to do one job and do it well–to connect real people to real jobs.

It is now time that we let technology benefit us, the small towns, and the small businesses.

We are here to help facilitate that.