Getting Workers Post-Stimulus

After the latest rounds of stimulus checks from the federal government, local businesses have found a new challenge borne from the pandemic–everyone is hiring. Where are all the workers? Some folks blame the stimulus, some blame increased unemployment benefits. Whatever the cause is, it just takes one drive down Hwy 31 before you lose count of all the hiring signs out in front of stores and shop windows.

Yes, there are many places hiring. Now is the time to dig in and learn some new tricks. Hyper local websites such as are here to free us from BIG tech and the voice of mainstream media. Cullman Jobs job board is here to help you stand out from the other businesses hiring. You have a neighbor and a partner in the owners and users of We are all in this together so it is time we start working together to fight back against the monotone voices of BIG social media interests and tech giants that do not care or have any incentive to do what is best for Cullman County.

Now is your chance to reach real people and real workers in your community. Our users don’t have to wade through tons of fake job posts and spam. This board is and will always be made up of real jobs from real businesses in our community.

There are workers out there, now is the time to find new ways to reach them.

Set your business apart with excellent wages and incentives. Showoff in your job posts the aspects of your business that make you special. Get real with your community and you will find real workers.